Removal or replacement of breast Implants: Because there's always room for improvement!

Removal or replacement of breast implants: Several reasons may drive you to consider removing your breast prostheses. The most frequent reason is due to a prosthesis rupture, which is most common in women having used them for over 25 years. In addition, a rigid capsule may form around ruptured prostheses which in some cases may be uncomfortable. These symptoms disappear by removing the prosthesis and the capsule.

Getting ready for a prosthesis removal

Determine if an extra surgical procedure is required when removing the prostheses. According to the size of your breasts and their degree of droop, it may be preferable to replace the prostheses, lift them or to combine a breast augmentation and lifting. We will explain to you the benefits of each option and together we will choose the option that suits best your needs.

It is essential to stop smoking six weeks before and after the surgery. This measure reduces chances of delayed healing. Delayed healing is also more frequent in patients with diabetes or who are overweight.

Surgery and complications vary according to the technic that we will combination with the removal of your implants. You can refer to specific details of following techniques.

Breast lift
Breast augmentation

Before & After

Those pictures will highlight the differences before and after the procedure.




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